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Posted by Emily Warmoth on December 13, 2018
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It’s all about bringing the indoors outside, and the outdoors inside. Home buyers are wanting both, and they’re getting it! Over the years, we have seen that people like the indoor and outdoor to merge together, even if that means more natural materials used on the interior like wood and natural stones. But don’t forget about the architecture taking a big step up on the outside as well.

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During the design process, feedback from open houses, and input from buyers; a common denominator of what our buyers have enjoyed the most has been the bonus room. Bonus rooms are indoor outdoor spaces that we have started to include on the majority of our designs at Ventura Homes. It is a heated and cooled room that you can use year-round, it is our version of a transterior space. The bonus room is generally located along the back portion of the home where it can be utilized as entertainment space. The Materials generally used in the bonus room vary from brick, painted brick, stone, stained wood ceilings, and raw concrete floors. All of the materials used in the bonus room reflect the materials used on the exterior of the home, to create a cohesive flow from the exterior to the interior spaces.

The bonus room has so many options of what you can achieve with this space. From materials, lighting, and doors, the space can transform from house to house. My favorite feature to focus on in bonus rooms are the doors. Doors can make a massive difference! Through trial and error, my favorite duo is the overhead door and a regular door combined together to create a functional space. The glass garage door adds a wow factor, but by including the regular it doesn’t look its functionality. At 3508 134th we used this combination in the bonus room; so that you don’t have to use the garage door every time you go to the backyard. This bonus room leads to an outdoor patio, complete with a stone fireplace and a pergola! The bonus room and the outdoor patio creates a large space to entertain.

This bonus room at 12211 Jordan in Hatton Place, has numerous windows and a large sliding glass door that allow natural light to flood the space. We try and maximize the amount of natural light in every home, but this bonus room catches tons of natural light through the combination of the glass doors and the large open windows. This bonus room leads out to a large patio with a painted brick fireplace. It also has a large custom pergola that extends from the bonus room to the outdoor fireplace. This is another great bonus room and outdoor space that can accommodate large groups of people for entertaining.

Thanks for stopping in, and we hope that when you chose your Ventura home you love the bonus room as much as we do!

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