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Tips with Taylor: Tile

Posted by Taylor Haight on January 10, 2019
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Tile is one of my favorite elements within the home. It can instantly transform the space and offers so many different options to choose from. Today, I will be talking about a few of my favorite types of tiles and the various ways that they can be used within your home.

The Classic White Subway

White Subway Tile is truly a timeless element that fits various styles. There are so many options to transform the classic 3×6 subway into something new and modern. Subway tile patterns are no longer limited to the traditional brick pattern or standard size. Simply turning the tile 45 degrees transforms it into a simple, yet elegant herringbone pattern. Or go bold with an elongated tile and turn it vertical in a straight-lay pattern for an unexpected modern look. Subway tile has been a classic element used in design for over 100 years and there are endless possibilities to implement it into your space.

White Carrara Marble

Timeless and elegant: the two words that describe this beautiful tile. Marble has a distinct appearance which makes it easily recognizable in any form that it is applied. White Carrara can vary from slab to slab as it is a natural product; however, this is part of the beauty of the tile. Below are a few of my favorite applications that we have done using white Carrara marble.

Patterns that Pop

Patterned tile is a fun element that can be added to a variety of spaces from a kitchen cooktop to the shower floor. There are endless options to add pattern to your space. Patterns can bring life and shape into your interior adding a true personality to the space.

The Importance of Grout Color

While the color of grout that you choose may seem like an insignificant element in the grand scheme of a room it can truly transform the look of a space. Grout can either match, complement, or contrast the tile that you have chosen. This allows the tile pattern to stand out or disappear into the backgrounde.

Tile is such a unique element that can really transform your home. Whether you like the clean and classic look of a white subway or the pop that comes from a patterned tile, have fun with it and make it your own.

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