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Timeless Elements

Posted by Georgia Erbe on November 29, 2018
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As someone who spends a fair amount of time saving amazing images on Pinterest and leaving heart eyes emojis in response to dozens of gorgeous design posts on Instagram on the daily, I’ve seen the rounds of trends as they cycle through the seasons. This post is not about that though. Today we’re talking all about the under-sung heroes of a beautiful, well-composed home a.k.a. good ol’ timeless design elements. Without these components, let’s face it: our homes would all be hot messes. Now with that truth out there, let’s delve in and look at just a few key elements I’ve found always seem to pop up in really spot-on homes!

Bright whites, cozy creams, beiges and greiges…there isn’t a style out there that a subtle neutral base won’t complement.


Exposed beams in the spaces at the heart of the home up the charm level exponentially. Dark stains can pop against bright white finishes, chunky shapes can accentuate amazing cathedral ceilings. And the exposed beam look isn’t just limited to traditional or farmhouse homes – paint beams to match the ceiling for a modern look, or utilize salvaged woodwork for an industrial feel.


Built-ins ensure that there is somewhere to start when pulling together the less permanent styling elements of a room. They grant the opportunity to decorate even the smaller, more personal niches of a house to make it feel more like a home. There’s a wide range of extra built-in jems out there including fireplace mantels, cabinets flanking a fireplace column or tucked into a hallway, mud benches, built-in home offices, and banquette seating. The best thing about them is that they automatically exude all the charm that the rest of the home offers because they’re literally part of it.


Sounds like a given, right? Yet there are so many extra design choices that make a big difference in how a home works AND looks in daily life.

It can be as simple as extending cabinetry from the kitchen into the dining area to act as china storage that is completely cohesive. Stashing appliances away in a butler’s pantry or food storage area is another favorite technique. The kitchen, which is often open to the living and dining, stays a little more visually clean this way, and the appliances end up in a more convenient prep area. Barn doors are another favorite design element because of their usefulness (and how freakin’ cool they look). They don’t take up any of the footprint that a door swing would, plus they add effortless style to a space. In the long run, thoughtful functionality is one the most timeless design elements we can work with!

The list of components of timeless design goes on & on, but my yammering about them does not. We’ll wrap it up here! If you take away one thing from this reading, let it be just a little bit more appreciation for a really great greige paint, or maybe the thought to look up a little more frequently and notice the beam work in a space. That’s timeless stuff, right there!

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