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Best Décor for Pantone’s Colors for 2016

Posted by Lauren on January 18, 2016
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best decor

We have gathered the best décor items for your home that go along with the Pantone colors for 2016! The beauty about these items is that you could really use any colors you desire and create a cohesive and organized living space!

6 Best Décor Items

best decor

Changing the Look of Your Home Without the Cost

There are many ways to get a designer feel in your home without spending the money for the look! Key pieces of décor, like the ones shown above allow you to add some character, color, and texture to your living space. When decorating your home using trends that may not be permanent, it is important to remember that the base pieces of your home should be something classic and neutral. If they aren’t truly neutral, you just want to make sure they are something you will not get tired of. Base pieces include things such as a comfortable sofa, dining table, and paint colors. When you have a neutral and sturdy base, it is easy to change out small décor items with different color variations, patterns, and styles. This can be done seasonally or annually to make your home feel brand new! Using the best décor items, like those shown above, with different patterns and colors, you can create a fresh and designer quality space without over-spending.