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9 Steps to Owning Your Ventura Home

Posted by Lauren on January 11, 2016
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Step one is to get a pre-approval, if necessary, from your lender of choice. We work with many lenders including Prime West, Texas Tech Federal Credit Union, PrimeLending, and Hometrust Mortgage. For a pre-approval, you will typically need to provide information to the lender on all assets, liabilities, and employment. You will want to check with your lender for a full list of items required for the pre-approval and loan process.


Step two is where we come in! After your pre-approval, you will know what price point you will want to stick with. The great thing about Ventura Homes is that we have homes at many different price points. After we narrow down to the best neighborhood for you, we can analyze what home/floor plan will be best!


Next, there will be some choices to make! Which home will be best for you? You can go with a spec home that has already been completed, a spec home that is under construction, or you can pick a lot and a floor plan from our collection. Sometimes, it is best to decide by the timeline of when you want to move in. Typically, our homes take 3-6 months to finish from the time of the contract. If you decide to pick a floor plan and a lot, we can make minor adjustments to the floor plan before construction. With any home built from scratch, you will be able to choose most all of your interior and exterior finishes. When buying a home under construction, you can choose any finishes that have not been ordered or already installed. If you are interested in a completed home or want to change a finish that has been installed, we can usually do this with a charge for the cost of materials and labor.


Next comes the contract! If you work directly with us, our owner Jeff Seal, will draw up the contract for you. You will also receive a $2,000 rebate check at the time of closing if there is no outside agent involved! If you work through a realtor, which is 100% allowed, Jeff will work with the realtor to get the contract together. The contract will list out in detail all of the finish-out features of the home. It will discuss warranty, time lines, and other details related to purchasing your Ventura Home.


Part of the contract or purchasing a Ventura Home is setting a closing date. If the home is complete, there will be a process of 30-45 days until you can close on your home and be the official owner. If construction is still necessary, we will time out when the best date for closing will be based on the construction time line. When we are 30 days out, you will talk with your lender to let them know things are on time. We work very hard to meet or beat our estimated closing dates. Unless there are extreme weather circumstances, things should move in a timely manner.


If you have started construction from scratch, our designers Abby and Lauren, will assist you in selecting your finishes. These typically include flooring colors, counter tops, backsplash and tile, and wall and trim paint colors for the interiors. The exterior selections will consist of brick color, roofing, trim and siding colors, and front door and shutter colors if applicable. We have done this quite a few times and know what colors work best for everything! So if you don’t have confidence that you can pick this all on your own that is okay! We will be there during all the selections to assist you and give advice. Based on your design preferences, we will give you a few choices in lighting and help pick out what will work best in your specific home.


Our completion and warranty specialist, Paula Evans, is in charge of the scheduling and carry-out of the walkthroughs. Before closing, she will take you through the home to ensure the appropriate completion of all parts. She will explain all warranties on appliances in the home and will give an explanation of our Ventura Homes warranty service.


On the day of closing you and Jeff will both go to the title company. There, all necessary paperwork will be finished. Once funding goes through, you get the keys to your new home!!


We provide a 1-2-10 builder warranty for each home we build. This means one year warranty of workmanship, two year warranty on all mechanical systems, and a ten year warranty on the major structural components of the home. If there is ever an issue, Paula will be sure to get the appropriate staff from our team to your home A.S.A.P. to get the issue resolved. We take pride in our homes, and we want you take comfort in the fact that we will do our best to take care of you!!